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The R3 Online Exosome Training Course offers a well rounded education on exosomes in regenerative medicine. They are a huge buzzword right now and with good reason.


Scientists have learned a ton about exosomes over the past few years. As byproducts of stem cells, exosomes play a significant role in cell to cell communication. With the field of regenerative therapies being so new, there is a true need for accurate information so providers offering procedures with exosomes know the background of these extracellular vesicles.


Presentations in this course are performed by world leading researchers in exosomes. This also includes a one on one interview along with a Q&A session as well.


R3’s Centers have performed over 13,000 stem cell procedures and over 50,000 PRP therapies. Top trainers perform the educational presentations on exosomes, with easy to understand terms and a full Q&A session as well.



All types of providers will benefit from the extensive information presented. This includes MD, DO, NP, ND, RN, DC, PA and administrators as well. 

Course access is for one month, giving providers plenty of time to complete the course at their leisure and also come back for review.

  • Regenerative Biologics and Supplements

    There is a lot to learn about regenerative biologics. This includes where they come from, what they consist of, how they work in the body. The field has come a long way in a very short time. You don't need to become a basic scientist to offer these procedures, but you should have a very good basic understanding biologics including autologous and allogeneic sources. Patients often ask questions about the biologics, so it is critical to be able to properly answer. This section will provide you with an excellent understanding regarding regenerative biologics and the associated stem cells, growth factors, cytokines, exosomes and the additional supporting "cast and crew". We have also included a separate presentation on exosomes, as they are the "rising star" in the field of regenerative medicine. The last presentation includes an overview of supplements to optimize stem cell therapy outcomes.


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